For almost three decades, our firm has been fortunate to represent many clients for both personal and professional needs.  And during that time, we have seen a lot of legal matters that could have been avoided or handled in a better manner.  In this space you will find a variety of musings that represent some of those experiences, which also hopefully provide some useful tidbits that you will find valuable as you contemplate your individual situation and needs.


Please note that while each of these examples may be based on prior cases or other observations, they do not reflect a specific interpretation of the law, but rather a perspective on unique circumstances that may be worthy of consideration when choosing to seek representation.  Every client has unique circumstances, and our firm will review each matter in its entirety without prejudice in determining if we feel that we can effectively help you resolve an issue.

You Speak Bulgarian?

Accents are interesting. Most evolve organically due to linguistic influences in a particular region.  A notable exception is the “Transatlantic” or “Mid-Atlantic” accent.  Simply put, the accent is as phony…

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Loose Lips Sink Sales

The Battle of the Atlantic occurred during the entire course of America’s involvement in the European theatre of war during World War Two.  It was a deadly struggle pitting American…

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Beware of the Seal - Limitations can vary

Beware of the Seal

In the animal kingdom there are 33 species of pinnipeds.  These include various members of the seal family ranging from bearded seals to leopard seals.  They come in various shapes…

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Lawyers look at the details of contracts. Make sure your lawyer reviews everything before you sign it.

The Boston Fee Party

It is a lovely day in your neighborhood.  Your day is full of industry and optimism.  But your mood soon changes when you hear a knock on the door.  A…

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Being distracted behind the wheel is dangerous for you and for many others. Put the phone down and wait until it's safe to connect with others.

Chit Chat … Bap!

Most automobile accidents can be avoided.  Even when an accident is not one’s fault, a bit of defensive driving in many cases could have averted a collision.  Being alert and…

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