A Contracts Lawyer You Can Trust

In every exchange of goods or services of value, whether between companies or individuals, there is a contract that exists, and it’s always a good practice to work with an experienced contracts lawyer to give you confidence that your interests are protected. Sometimes contracts are simply a handshake, but most often contracts are official written documents that protect your interest in the transaction should there be unexpected problems. We have helped many business owners create standard and specific contracts so they can focus on growing their sales and serving their customers.
Personal Injury and Business Lawyer
Since 1991, Chris Smith has helped individuals and businesses alike with a broad range of legal matters.  His practice covers areas of personal matters, including automotive & truck accidents, wrongful death, injuries, and planning through the drafting of wills. Additionally, he supports numerous business clients with matters related to starting a business, contracts, litigation and collections.  While each case can represent unique circumstances and challenges, his approach is consistent and recognized by all whom Chris has represented in that he is highly reliable with an unwavering commitment to honesty and high integrity.


Individuals and businesses alike have enjoyed acceptable results when choosing Chris Smith to represent them. When asked about what stands out about Chris and his approach, clients will say that he is honest, reliable, relentless and creative. Finding quality legal representation can be challenging, but clients will agree that Chris Smith works very hard on cases to achieve acceptable outcomes.


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